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What makes Progressive Web Application (PWA) most popular

A progressive web application PWA, is a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app, which is built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly.
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Progressive Web Application(PWA) is written to run on a web browser and is supported by Google, delivering high-level performance regardless of the conditions related to device and network, which makes PWA enhanced with native-app features like speed, engagement, and reliability.
PWA eliminates the native application development needs for e-commerce merchants in developing multiple mobile operating systems. Just like youtube videos, PWA content is downloadable. Most of the PWA applications are available without a network connection, So which is helpful and handy for rural communities where network connections are not reliable.
PWA technologies

Key Principles which define an application as a PWA

Linkable: You can share URLs directly
Discoverable: Through search engines content can be shared.
Network Independent: The application can be used with a poor network or even offline
Installable: Which can be available on the app launcher and even on the home screen.
Re-engageable: can send notifications when updates of content are available.
Secure: Which uses HTTP protocol where displaying of information or alerting the content can be prevented.

What can PWA do for us:  To build critical applications PWA provides a wide range of technological implementations.

  • Increased time of user existence on your site
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased organic search traffic on the website
  • Comparatively, PWAs are usually more affordable than native apps
  • All of the above points result in overall customer engagement and higher levels of performance which leads to increased revenue

Powerful Frameworks availability in Progressive Web Application (PWA):

There are multiple sets of frameworks available to develop PWA, with these powerful frameworks development of applications are faster and more reliable.
  • Polymer
    This is a PWA framework developed by Google, which is inbuilt with other different PWA Frameworks.
  • AngularJS

    The angular framework has the capacity to turn an application into a progressive web app (PWA) by adding a service worker to it. A service worker is a script that works as a network proxy that runs and manages caching in the web browser for an application.

  • VueJS
    Progressive Java script framework with intuitive API.
    React PWA Library

Benefits of using Progressive Web Application:

With the progressive conversion rate, increased user time on your site, improved user experience & performance, and growth in the amount of organic search traffic. PWAs are more economical to create and maintain than native applications which leads to an increase in revenue.

  • PWAs are faster in nature and loading in an instant
  • PWAs use fewer data comparatively
  • Supports offline browsing
  • smoother experience
  • Operates with one click
  • Easy of access

Difference between Progressive Web Application and Native Application:

Based On Standard:Native Applications are Standard Based where development cost is High comparatively with Progressive Web Applications. In order to develop an application based on cross-platform, the best option is to go with the Progressive Web Application.
SEO and Crawling friendly architecture:PWA provides SEO and Crawling friendly architecture whereas native applications do not.
As per the usage :The users are always interested in using simple workflows and easy implementations. More than native applications Progressive Applications are simple.
Offline access:native applications don’t provide any offline access for applications, whereas Progressive applications do.
Updates:Native applications update their functionality manually, whereas Progressive applications do automatically with one click.
Time to market: Progressive applications are fast to develop and take less time to market, whereas native applications take a long time.
Google Index:Progressive applications are faster in UI and indexed by Google.

As mentioned above, all the points make PWA the most powerful implementation using different frameworks users can take advantage of the diversity in its functionality and update their application to PWA or develop a Progressive Application Development itself.


1. Will PWA replaces native applications?

As per the knowledge they are not. Because the use cases it follows are different in approach.

2. What are different Frameworks used to develop PWA applications?

  • Polymer
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS
  • PWA Builder
  • React PWA Library
  • Lighthouse
  • Magento PWA Studio

3. What are the benefits of PWA?

  • Even in poor network conditions still provides good performance
  • Fast in loading
  • Small in terms of size
  • features are just like an app
  • Updates are instant

4. Is PWA a native mobile app?

PWAs code is written to run inside a web browser, whereas Native apps code is written to run on mobile devices, and native apps are platform specific whereas PWA apps are cross-platform supported.

5. How beneficial is PWA to the end user?

As a first benefit, users do not need to go through additional installation steps with the PWA usage.
Searching for information made it easy for the customers. example to buy a product or service can be performed without installing it on smartphones

  • No more downloading and installing the process
  • Less in device storage
  • Available directly on search engines. so the immediate and direct usage is be possible.

6. Does PWA work different or the same on all browsers?

PWA works the same with all browsers because PWAs have well-built-in functionality that supports different browsers with the same performance.


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