Custom Software Development Company in Hyderabad

Digital and Cloud Solutions

Our team will help you in implementing and enhancing digital business capabilities with Digital Transformation Implementation, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud solutions, API-led integrations, IoT Middleware, IoT data pipeline, Mobility and Machine Learning etc., Our managed services will help in migrating to the cloud and modernize applications, 3rd party integrations, cloud infrastructure handling etc., 

Digital Strategy and Cloud Solutions

//Capabilities from our Digital and Cloud solutions portfolio
Cloud Solution Implementation

Google Cloud, AWS, Azure based solutions and implementation

Microservices & Integrations

API integrations, Web API development, Microservices, security, third-party integrations etc.,

Digital Engineering

Build digital platforms to easily adapt social media, multi-channel, mobility, Big data analytics and cloud platforms by applying Agile delivery principles

IoT Middleware & Applications

Middleware to hide the Things details from the applications by communicating with the heterogeneous connected devices, handling raw data, processing them and integrating with applications, interface to ease of backend development.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation to Google Cloud, AWS or Azure cloud, Migrations and Cloud Infrastructure Support etc.,

Next-Gen Solutions

Blockchain & AI driven solutions, BigData Management, Low-code & No-code platform application development, secure & scalable cloud technology solutions and services