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Vehicle Booking Platform

Vehicle Booking Platform for small and medium scale companies where customers can book taxis online, with a quick and easy process. There are robust features to add and manage vehicles  listing, various details like vehicles name, features, type, location, hourly package, special fare date, distance price, coupon code and published date. Other supported features like deactivating from the display list, General settings, currency settings, different payment gateways support, permissions and many more.


Features of Vehicle Booking Platform

Manage Vehicles Listing : Admin can be able to manage all the vehicles with details like name, features, type, location, hourly package, lay out date, special fare date, distance price , coupon code and published date.

Features : Listing the different features of vehicles while adding it to the list

Types : Admin can able to add multiple types for vehicles  brands lets say BMW, Honda, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota etc., 

Locations : Locations API services for supporting point to point services. 

Hourly Package : Defining hourly packages for hourly booking service.

Availability Status: To disable any vehicle for a certain period of time, due to non-availability of vehicle, then admin can deactivate for not showing it for users.

Special Fare: Admin can set the special fare increase for any particular day in terms of setting any value in number or in percentile, for example, on Christmas, you can hike the fare by 10% or decrease the fare by 10%

Distance Price : Set price for minimum and maximum distances, let’s say $10 for 1km to 5km and $20 for 5km to 10km etc.,

Coupon Codes : Coupons are available weapons for business growth, to increase the conversions, admin can set the coupon code for value or percentile, there is a provision for coupon validity period also.

Email Templates : E-mail alerts for different actions like payment status, booking cancel, booking confirm, booking status, booking success, reset password, new user registration with personalized message.

SMS Templates : One more awesome feature is SMS alerts, where we can create SMS templates forn booking success , cancel events.

Testimonials : Create the testimonials and make them appeal to your users.

Request Callbacks : Visitors can request the callback, all these details are stored in the system, where admin can follow up them manually.

Support Requests : The registered user can send any support request to admin, all these are recorded and available to admin for further investigation.

Manage Bookings: Admin can manage and view all the booking details

Settings : Administration settings for general, optional fields, currencies, payment gateways, taxes, additional charges, billing, permissions and many more.

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