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Stone Trading - Inventory & CRM

We serves as a valuable resource for those interested in finding the perfect worktops for their spaces, offering a seamless browsing experience and essential information, we may include a blog or articles section, offering helpful tips, inspiration, and trends related to worktops.
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Stone Trading and Inventory CRM


We dedicated to providing information and services related to worktops. We showcases a wide range of worktop options for various purposes, including kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces. We offers visitors a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, making it easy to explore different worktop styles, materials, and designs. We provides detailed descriptions and specifications for each worktop product, enabling users to make informed decisions. With a clean and intuitive layout, visitors can easily navigate through different sections and find the desired information. We also features high-quality images and visuals, allowing users to visualize how the worktops would look in their spaces.

Features of Stone Trading

Contacts & Leads Management

Maintain a centralized contact database of customers, suppliers, and partners involved in granite trading. Capture Leads, Enquiries and communication history

UI, Ecommerce, Marketplace, Category, CatalogCreated by Caesar Rizky Kurniawanfrom the Noun Project
Manage Product Catalog

Manage and update comprehensive product catalog with details such as types, sizes, colors, stock availability, location, and pricing. Ensuring accurate and organized product listings

Manage Quotations, Invoices

Provide accurate pricing and detailed breakdowns of costs related products/ services. Manage Purchase Orders, Efficiently manage quotations and invoices for worktops with streamlined processes.

Inventory Tracking

Tracking Stock quantity, location and movements, Track and manage worktop inventory with precision, ensuring accurate stock levels and streamlined operations.

Delivery Tracking

Track item shipment/delivery progress, timelines, and timely follow-ups, Track worktop deliveries in real-time for enhanced visibility and customer satisfaction.

Reports & Analytics

Customer information, sales data, top-selling products and financial transactions, Drive informed decisions with detailed worktop reports and analytics

Email/SMS Notifications

Stay informed and connected with timely email and SMS notifications for worktop updates and status changes.


Provide with the ability to set permissions and access levels, allowing them to control & edit, or manage certain features or data.

Support Requests

Efficiently handle and resolve support requests regarding kitchen worktops, ensuring customer needs are met promptly and effectively.