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Granite Industry CRM

In this 21st Century, Every industry transforms with digital software solutions to bring all the operations which automates the manual and semi-manual business process. Moreover, It is a prominent need for a Granite industry to adopt this software interface to get web portals for real-time inventory and stock reports. It is a revolutionary software solution for stone industry where the Importers, Exporters & Distributors of Granite, Marble, Limestone and Quartz in Slabs and Tiles. Hence, We bring up with our software solution to make end-to-end user-friendly customizations for the granite industry. We are the leading Granite industry software development company in Hyderabad, India with an experienced team of developers who builts robust software as per the client requirements.

The Main Objectives

  1. We offer the Cloud-based software, ability to access from a remote location globally
  2. All module in our software was user-friendly interface for easy transfer of data in the business process.
  3. We develop a software solution for Business-to-Business (B2B) of Import, Stock and Distribute.
We are the best software development company for the granite industry in Bangalore, India which simplifies the complicated manual workflow with our advanced implementation of modules. Moreover, We offer a comprehensive and complete granite industry CRM solution in London with a flexible and scalable architecture.
We built an independent software for the granite export industry for your trading business with real-time integration between sales, inventory and customers. Our software solution for granite companies in India having the workflow management of how it interacts with the administrator in order to take bookings of materials, fix the schedules of the purchase order and invoices generation. This software helps you to manage all aspects of your business right from the procurement of blocks, production, inventory management, sales, invoice and reports.

Why Our Granite CRM Software ?







What You Will Get With Granite Industry Software?

With the End-to-end, User-friendly software which helps you manage all aspects of the granite industry and integrate with the following modules.
Dashboard Analysis: Dashboard with Key Performance indicators shows the available stock and production activity progress.
Purchase Order: The P.O (Purchase Order) explains the material details to be purchased from the supplier to the Granite industry. The Purchase order contains of:

  1. Creation of Purchase Order (P.O)
  2. Search for P.O on Customize Filters
  3. List out, View and Edit the Purchase Order (P.O)

Stock Management or Inventory Management: The Stock management or Stock Control displays the total stock of materials in the warehouse and it shows the cluster of material with name, block number, thickness, Quantity, Supplier name, and size. In Stock Management, the following are classified into different sub-groups:

  1. Stock
  2. Master Products
  3. Sale History
  4. Reservations
  5. Blocks
  6. Sale OR Return
  7. Stock In (or) Out
  8. Price List

    Invoices: The Invoices screen generates the payment details of the material with respect to the customer by fixing the price list and auto calculation feature to generate a Grand total of Invoice. The Invoice screen facilitates two types of invoices :

    1. General Invoice ( Sale request from Customer, assign it and make invoice)
    2. Specific Invoice ( Direct creation of invoice).

    Credit Note: It displays the payment for the return materials as a Credit Notes. In this Situation, the Customer returns material to the trader under some circumstances for which the trader has to pay an amount in return of material. The Credit notes was a separate module which creates a platform to return the invoice amount for a particular material under some circumstances.

    Contacts: This module consists of the contact details of customers, Suppliers, Shipping Agents and Employees (Admin & Non-Admin).

    User Management: The User management gives the access for handling functionalities and permissions of Admin and Users. We can add the new user and give access to the particular to become an Administrator.

    Sale Or Return: The latest feature in the business strategy to get a dive into the marketing world with SOR functionality. The SOR for which the material ordered by the customer to advertise the material/product in the market for a period of time without any payment. These featured materials are set to be placed in a separate module which is known as “SOR” which makes sure to reflect on stock while it went out from Stock – OUT, came into the stock – IN, to get invoices – SALE. The Sale or Return is a separate module in which the material quits from stock management to customer for a period of time to advertise in the market. After certain days, the material must return to stock or generate an invoice for a particular material in the name of the customer.

    Sale History: The Sale history module keeps track of all the history of the order in sales with attributes of customer name, Material, size, thickness, block no, quantity, Date required etc.

    Reservations: This module facilitates with reservation priority for which the stock reaches its minimum quantity. The Admin / User will move the material order to the customer as a priority of “Reserved”. Here, We can create the reservation and delete the reservation for a particular material.

    Global Setting: The Settings panel gives access to the whole system appearance permissions to the Admin like add logo, change the default currency, Upload the images and text…etc, It consists of the following sub-modules are:

    1. Master setting
    2. Dynamic Options
    3. Currencies
    4. Templates
    5. User actions

    We worked closely with the global business industry of granite stone in London to understand the issues faced by them and arrived at a flexible software solution which will help them in raw material procurement & tracking, production activity tracking, resource productivity tracking, machine maintenance and sales data management. We are happy to help you with a robust Software driven by cloud technology with a team of talented technical architects, developers, and designers.

Advantages of Granite Industry Software

We offer a lot of advantages for your trading business of the granite industry with robust architecture solution.

  1. Increase ROI with real-time reports and inventory management system.
  2. Supports multitasking operations.
  3. Feasible to handle multi-currency operations.
  4. Easy to use mobility for access dashboard.
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