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Bot Billing (SaaS) CRM & Project Management​

Bot Billing (SaaS) CRM & Project Management​ is the most competent utility tool to help you manage every aspect of sales, purchase orders, recurring invoices, projects, and contracts with the utmost ease. Keep all your team’s tasks in one place. Collaborate and work in real-time for real results and the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team.
The customer lead is properly tracked through work history maintained by the sales person assigned to work on it. Every order invoices and payments are very well managed by the software. Further software is enabled for notifications for today & missed follow-ups through mails., Supports various reports like daily/monthly sales to track their progress.


Advantages of SaaS Ultimate CRM

Invoices: The SaaS CRM generates the meticulous invoice on confirmation of the products by the customers. Invoice contains all the product details along with taxes, discounts and total price. Invoice has an option that initiates the payment process for the products through different gateways.

Recurring Invoices: Recurring invoices that can be configured to a specific period of time of the day and hourwhen the action to be performed. It triggers the invoice generation at the specific time by

Projects: To manage assigned project budgets, record expenses and track time- sheets regarding the project and tasks. SaaS also features flexibility in charging a customer for their work like fixed amounts as work is completed and/or set time-based billable rates. Hourly rates can also be set for each team member. It consist of various sub-modules like Client project, project status, project billing type and project tabs.

Accounting: SAAS has the ultimate ability to keeping track of all the transactions such as payments, credit
notes, and refunding over a large period of time. All incomes, expenses, profits, losses are tracked
and calculated

Plug-ins: Plug-ins allow you to optimize or customize this application to some extent by activating or deactivating the plug-ins of your choice or requirement

Quotes: SaaS has the ability to send quotes to the customer except leads before the payments are made with all the product details including taxes, discounts, and fixed prices. Quotes, in other words, are a preview of product details before confirmation by the customer.

Cart Orders: SAAS helps both the customers and admin to place more than one order or payment at the same
time by placing all the selected products into cart and make payment at a time. Admin can also
place the products into cart on behalf of customer’s requests.

E-mail/ Sms Templates: Templates are predefined format of email such as addresses (From, To), Cc, Bcc, Subject and bodyof the text. SAAS allows to customize the SMS that are needed to be sent through SMS templates.
SMS templates are predefined format of SMS such as SMS content with sender, receiver details.

Messaging System: The SAAS messaging system provides the platform to send and receive messages through amessaging gateway which extends to MailChimp. This module displays all messages at a glance with respect to Inbox and Outbox

Leads: SaaS CRM enables the process of initiating an inquiry about the product in order to know theinterests of customers and categorize them as leads so that they will be able to get the

User Management: Specific administrative structure, as well as to group users in any other way and to define the
access and permission settings.

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