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At Conquerors, We Follow a Semantic Approach

We aim for innovation not only in our organization but also in the way we approach every aspect of our business. With a conscientious team and skills, we crafted applications using the latest technologies. We employ the full potential of our team to support and move forward with dedication in implementing different projects in various technologies including Native Applications. Our imagination and design are unique, we work with creativity. At conquerors, we follow “ We never stop making progress”, we are always ready to acquire the latest technical skill set to bring a professional approach to implementing client’s projects.

Conquerors Strategy for Developing iOS Applications:


Our team of iOS app developers will devote the necessary time and attention to your project, whether you’re working with us for the first time or considering resurrecting an existing app. After studying your business requirements, we offer solutions by brainstorming creative ideas for your product architectural needs.


We offer you a design that targets your key indicators and reaches the right targets in terms of usability, aesthetics, appeal, and a welcoming experience, starting from upgrading an existing project to preparing to construct an interface for a brand-new app.


After gaining valuable expertise in an Agile development environment, we also realized the value of giving responses to clients’ regular updates and pertinent concerns. We have a thorough understanding of continuous updates, delivery, code deployment, and routine testing.


In order to achieve the best results, such as secure payments and data sources for many other applications, we integrate the project and customized Custom API applications like payment gateways, YouTube, or Instagram.


This is another name for quality assurance. It is a crucial phase that our teams take care of during the project’s development cycle, and along with that, we make efforts for post-development to make sure that all needs are met and functional testing is carried out during development.


In addition, our iOS professionals will guide you in deciding on the best approach for entrepreneurship and with the app store.


Finally, we also provide post-deployment services because we are aware of the need for optimization on a regular basis. Updates that bring about better versions, new concepts, and market evolution are also essential.

Our Project Engineering Approach:


Our expert developers provide efficient consultation services that include business needs communication, needs analysis, proof of concept (POC) creation, and MVP development as well. These services will ultimately help you gain control of your organization.


You have taken the relevant company’s information into consideration when presenting a user-friendly and perfect app layout plan, ensuring a clear and pleasant experience for your end-users. Additionally, we paid close attention to the design and every phase of your project.

BACK-END ENGINEERING: With the help of third-party API connectors, our professionals can provide a safe backend solution. Taking care of the changing business needs is an additional benefit. The scalability is also taken care of by our professionals.


With years of experience working with iOS, our team has created excellent iPhone apps for a variety of industries. They are also skilled at managing multi-threaded environments, industry-standard programming, and environments free of crashes, as well as leading architectural efforts.


In addition to being present while hosting, our team is also available after a product has been released to address any other problems. We can do this by assisting you with performance tuning, system monitoring, bug patching, and on-demand upgrades.


We give your company the freedom to select from a variety of resources, assist you in managing your requirements, and also offer a team that can guide you through open, honest communication.

Native iOS and its Functionality

A native application is a software application built for the specific device platform in a specific programming language, either iOS or Android. Native iOS apps are written in Objective-C or Swift and native Android apps are written in Java.

There are specific features that distinguish the Native iOS UI from Native  Android. Both compete to provide the best experience to their users. And optimizes its functionality for the best use.

The mobile application development process is filled with many ways to build a mobile application. The two main mobile OS platforms specified as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Native apps are written in the code primarily used for the device and its OS. We can take examples as developers write iOS applications in Objective-C or Swift, while they create Android-native apps in Java.

For iOS latest version is now available in iOS 16.1 beta and Xcode 14.1 beta. Which helps people to keep track of your app’s content with real-time updates. It’s a delightful way to experience iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Purpose of Native Application Development

The Native Application Development technology is used to make high-performance-oriented applications. The term native application development refers to building mobile applications for a single platform. Native app development demands different skills and technologies than mobile website development further no need to worry about browser behavior and compatibility. 

Native Applications are more secure compared to other application development technologies. Which provides more Interaction and Intuitive, Native Applications Development tends to have fewer bugs during development. The two main operating systems are Android and iOS. Native iOS apps are coded in Swift or Objective-C, whereas Native Android apps are written in Java or Kotlin.

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