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Coworks CRM & Bookings

You may have a large enterprise looking for an exclusive managed office space or a startup looking for a Coworking/Meeting space, our wide database of properties help you find the best workspaces for your business.
8+ Countries
125+ Customers
Robust Design
8+ Countries
125+ Customers
Robust Design


Are you looking for a fully managed and serviced office space with flexible terms? Do not worry, we got your back. If you feel that it is impossible to uncover good things, consider work lease your front line in a world full of options. The Co-works provides a platform that helps entrepreneurs, startups, and companies find the workspace that best fits their requirements.

Features of Vehicle Booking Platform

Booking & Reservation

We enables members to make reservations for workspaces, meeting rooms, or other facilities within the coworking space. Our system allows for easy scheduling, availability checks, and streamlining the reservation process.

Open Desks

Open desks are the available spaces in a coworking environment and are not dedicated seats. Guests occupy the open desk on a first come basis, and utilize that desk for the day.

Virtual Office

A virtual office provides you a professional business address and mailbox with the ability to book additional spaces as needed. This is perfect for virtual business owners or those with home offices.

Private Office

A private office provides you a private enclosed space with a door for additional privacy and phone calls.

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks provide the benefits of a coworking shared space environment with the added level of having an assigned desk space.

Conference Rooms

Visitors can request the callback, all these details are stored in the system, where admin can follow up them manually.